Flour-roller mill

Flour-roller mill " Kharkovchanka-6000plus"
Flour-roller mill " Kharkovchanka-4000plus"
Flour-roller mill " Kharkovchanka-3000plus"
Flour-roller mill " Kharkovchanka-2200plus"
Flour-roller mill " Kharkovchanka-1500plus"
Flour-roller mill " Kharkovchanka-1200plus"
Flour-roller mill " Kharkovchanka-1000plus"
Flour-roller mill " Kharkovchanka-800plus"
Flour-roller mill " Kharkovchanka-600plus"
Flour-roller mill " Kharkovchanka-450plus"
Flour-roller mill " Kharkovchanka-400"

Roller mills "Kharkovchanka" are destined for high-grade and first-grade wheat flour production. The mills can be adjusted to production of three grades of flour (high, first and second) or only first grade of flour. The mills family "Kharkovchanka" includes models for production sift and peeled flour from rye and also macaroni mills for macaroni semolina and second-grade flour production. Differential characteristic of "Kharkovchanka" mills is ensured quality of flour in accordance with All-Union state standard, productivity of processing and servicing simplicity.
In all the models of produced equipment are used up-to-date principles of high-grade grinding technology.
We are ready to carry out all work package: develop engineering design of a grain processing company, perform civil-engineering design of industrial building, place in it technological equipment and needed routes of communication.
We have licenses of Ukraine and Russia.

Flour-roller mills "Kharkovchanka" have following unique advantages:

  • the widest range of capacity among the equipment produced in CIS, from 5 to 5000 tons of grain per 24 hour;
  • uniquely high level of high-grade flour output - to 65 % with total output to 75 % with quality in accordance with All-Union state standard;
  • modular design;
  • special treatment of rolls allowing to raise quality of grinding, percentage of flour output and durability of grinding system: on the working surfaces of rollers is applied a special high-resisting coat, and smooth rollers are subjected to electrochemical machining for micro roughness;
  • short investment pay off period (from 6 to 12 months depending on the mill modification);

Since 1999 at Customer desire we equip our mills with automatic system of technological process control (ASTPC), which ensures:

  • programmable start and stop of the mill, its diagnostics and blocking;
  • automatic wheat humidifying;
  • account of processed grain and produced flour, measurement of grain, water and energy consumption;
  • control of work stoppage and printing of mill working reports for shift, day, month.

The experience indicate that all mills models "Kharkovchanka" ensures high flour output and its high quality.